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Nox Urano VX 80 Plus Bonze 650W 80+

nox Xtreme

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Certificat 80 PLUS Bronze
Ventilateur de 120 mm avec contrôle PWM
Câbles plats extra longs
Performance améliorée

749.00د.م. 950.00د.م.

Rupture de stock -Pas de date de livraison exacte

Type ATX avec PFC actif
Puissance 650W
Données techniques + 3.3V – 20A / + 5V – 20A / + 12V – 50A / -12V – 0.3A / + 5VSB – 2.5A
Tension 230V – 3.5A – 47-63 Hz
OVP, OPP, SCP, protections de sécurité UVP
Connecteurs · 1x ATX MB 20 + 4 broches
· 1x EPS + 12V 4 + 4 broches
· 1x PCIE 6 + 2 broches, 60cm
· 1x PCIE 6 + 2 broches, 75cm
· 2x SATA, 60cm
· 2x SATA, 75cm
· 2x SATA, 900cm
· 1x Molex 4 broches, 60cm
· 1x Molex 4 broches, 75cm
· 1x FDD, 90cm
Ventilateur silencieux de refroidissement de 120 mm avec contrôle de vitesse intelligent
Dimensions 150 x 140 x 85 mm
Poids 1,42 kg.


Our successful Urano PSUs series evolve from the inside and the outside. New lines and new look containing an evolution that improves both features and performance, so to offer professionals and enthusiasts a wider range of possibilities.


Energy efficiency plays a key role in any PSU performance, that is why Urano power supplies are 80+ Bronze certified. This certificate guarantees that 85% of the PSU’s energy is consumed efficiently to assure you an efficient operation. In addition, Urano Bronze Series PSUs will keep an optimum noise and temperature levels, allowing you costs savings on electricity.

120 MM FAN

Urano VX 650W features a 120 mm fan that will adapt the power source’s operation upon the PC workload, avoiding so a self-heated PSU consequently warming the equipment components.


High quality components and the latest technology to ensure stable and efficient performance: Urano VX 650W main capacitor provides perfect execution by operating with low impedance characteristics.

Its flat cables make the assembly easier, allowing a clean and tidy configuration that allows an efficient airflow inside the equipment for a fast heat dissipation.


nox Xtreme

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