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Kit de Watercooling NOX H-240CL


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  • Intel & AMD compatible
  • 120 mm fan with PWM control
  • Aluminium base double radiator
  • Copper base pump
  • Easy installation

1,190.00د.م. 1,650.00د.م.

Livré sous 24h à 48h


H-240CL is an all-in-one Hummer series cooling kit. Easy to install and AM4 compatible, it will provide your computer with exceptional performance, allowing an optimum temperature for both PC and its components.

Its double radiator and PWM controlled fans will effectively reduce the temperature by increasing the stability of the system and, consequently, the durability of the processor.


The H-240CL system incorporates two 120mm fans with rubber corners for vibration reduction, offering a high performance at a low sound level.

Its aerodynamically designed vanes help reducing the turbulence caused by fan and radiator, thus allowing a more intense air pressure to dissipate heat more quickly. Thanks to the PWM function, the fans speed adjusts automatically according to the microprocessor needs, achieving an optimal operation.


Its high density fins and double radiator allows H-240CL to quickly and efficiently dissipate the heat, reducing the PC inner temperature. In addition, H-240CL tubes are thicker, thus allowing an increased coolant circulation. Thanks to its high resistance, H-240CL will withstand fimrly leaks or breaks, ensuring its durability for longer.


H-240CL’s pump features a copper base for a high conductivity that, in combination with the radiator’s high density fins, boosts the PC performance. This pump is able to move large coolant flows in a few seconds, thus reducing quickly the processor’s temperature.


Hardly needing any tools for its assembly, H-240CL kit installation is simple and fast. Since it is a closed circuit with preloaded coolant, it requires minimal maintenance and no refilling, thus allowing a safe and lasting installation.

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